Is camping/lodging included?

No. This is not a camping trip; it is a series of three day hikes. You need to find your own lodging, most conveniently in Cannon Beach or Manzanita. There are lots of options, from camping at Nehalem Bay State Park to luxurious hotels and vacation rentals. We urge you to reserve lodging (especially campsites) as early as possible, as even “off-season” weekends on the Oregon Coast can be busy.

How about food; is it included?

Mostly not. After breakfast on your own, we get an early start and provide snacks, beverages, and water bottle refills along the way and at the end of each day’s hike, to tide you over until lunch (on your own) on Days 1 and 2. Day 3 ends with a celebration and lunch courtesy of Tillamook Coast. You’ll find plenty of options for places to dine, at a range of prices, during your stay in Cannon Beach and Manzanita.

How is this a “supported” walk; what is provided?

You get …

  • Shuttles back to your car at the end of each day’s walk, and in some cases to the start of the walk.
  • Boat ferry across the mouth of Nehalem Bay.
  • Midway refreshment stops each day, with beverages, water bottle refill, and snacks.
  • Detailed maps and in-person wayfinding help from people who are experts on the coast and the Oregon Coast Trail.
  • An opportunity to learn something of the human and natural history of this stretch of the Oregon Coast from enthusiastic rangers and interpreters.
  • A commemorative bandana with a motif designed by Astoria artist Sally Lackaff.
  • The chance to meet and spend time with interesting, outdoorsy people—including Governor Oswald West himself.

And, the best gift of all: the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to the urgent and important work of conserving Oregon’s coastal lands, forever. That’s really what this walk is all about.

Will there be a sag wagon?

No. If you get injured, we will help you call emergency services. On beach portions of the walk there are opportunities to quit walking early if need be. However portions of each day (and nearly all of Day Two) are on forest trails remote from road access. In general, participants are expected to come prepared to complete each day’s roughly 10-mile walk in 5 hours or less. If you are not accustomed to walking long distances, you will need to train in advance.

How will I know where to start each day’s walk?

Our website has detailed maps and directions. This same information will be in printed materials you will receive at registration check-in the evening of Sept. 21 (or the first morning). You will need to drive to each day’s start point (or carpool with other participants).

Is the entire route on the beach?

No. Days 1 and 3 will be mostly on the beach, but each include some trail walking. Day 2 is entirely on forest trails in Oswald West State Park. Make sure your training includes hiking hills.

How much time will each day’s hike take?

That’s up to you. Some participants may finish in three hours; others may take four hours or longer. Our return shuttles will wait for everyone. However we expect participants to finish the day’s walk by lunchtime (loosely defined), leaving you the afternoon to spend as you wish. You will not be able to walk this distance at this pace without training! The CoastWalk Oregon staff will be happy to make suggestions for things to do while you’re visiting the area.

Are dogs allowed on CoastWalk Oregon?

No. We love dogs; most of us are dog owners ourselves. But we are a big group (75 participants, plus staff). Our route includes narrow forest paths and highway crossings. Adding your dog to that mix might be fun for you but is likely to compromise other participants’ comfort and safety. Dogs are not allowed on our shuttle vehicles.

What is North Coast Land Conservancy?

One of the largest and most respected private, nonprofit land trusts in the state of Oregon. We acquire or otherwise care for land on the Oregon Coast to benefit people, plants, and wildlife. Explore our website or talk with CoastWalk Oregon staff to learn more about how we work and the lands we conserve. CoastWalk Oregon 2017 will take you past our most ambitious project to date: the Rainforest Reserve, which together with Oswald West State Park and Cape Falcon Marine Reserve will create a contiguous 29-square-mile corridor of conserved land and sea stretching from the summits of coastal-fronting mountains to the nearshore ocean. Your participation in CoastWalk Oregon 2017 moves us closer to acquisition of the Rainforest Reserve.

Where can I go for more information?

Contact us at or (503) 738-9126. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about CoastWalk Oregon.